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Gold Price

XAU/EUR: 2156.11
XAU/PLN: 9178.41

Silver Price

XAG/EUR: 29.05
XAG/PLN: 123.65

Platinum Price

XPT/EUR: 962.3
XPT/PLN: 4096.46

Palladium Price

XPD/EUR: 897.34
XPD/PLN: 3819.93

Finland There are 6 products.

  • The design depicts a bearded lichen with a root-like structure, embossed in the inner part of the coin. Along this design is an inscription in Finnish ILMASTOTUTKIMUS on the left and in Swedish KLIMATFORSKNING on the right, which both translate as CLIMAT RESEARCH. At the bottom of the coin, the year (2022) and country of issue (FI) have been indicated.

  • We are pleased to present this 2022 commemorative 2 euro coin dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Erasmus programme. The design of the coin depicts the philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam while he is writing. In the background, numerous lines connect at various points symbolizing the many intellectual and human exchanges between European students. The numer...

  • We are pleased to offer the latest release from the Mint of Finland. The theme of this coin is "Journalism and open communication as support for Finnish democracy". The coin shows stylized human figures intertwined in a ribbon-like network. Along the left edge of the coin is stamped the inscription in Finnish: "JOURNALISMI" and along the right edge in...

  • This coin is no longer legal tender, because it is an altered version of the original “legal tender”, enhanced by a private mint.

  • "Elections as the Basis of Democracy" is a remarkable numismatic issuance that pays tribute to a fundamental pillar of democracy. On the obverse of the coin, there is a symbolic depiction of a voter casting their ballot, emphasizing the importance of citizen participation in the democratic process. The reverse side of the coin features traditional euro...

  • The 2021 2 Euro coin from Finland is dedicated to the theme of Journalism. The obverse of the coin features an image symbolizing freedom of the press and the role of journalism in society. The design includes a stylized depiction of a pen, which is often associated with the power of writing and reporting. Surrounding the central image are the inscriptions...

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