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  • Valkyrie is the first coin in the new Femina Bellator series dedicated to the Valkyrie,a legendary female figure from mythology who is believed to have the power to decide the fate of warriors and ride the courageous souls to Valhalla. Valkyries are sensitive and loyal creatures who can be cruel and merciless when necessary.The limited edition of this...

  • Introducing the first issue of the revolutionary "Graffiti Art" coin series. The coin was minted using enhanced Smartminting©️ technology, which resulted in stunning, ultra-high and detailed relief.  Mona Lisa - an oil painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci, an artist of the Italian Renaissance. It is one of the most famous and highly regarded paintings...

  • Introducing the first coin in the Dual Essence series. The coin depicts Chronos - the ancient Greek god of time. The silver coin symbolises the passing of a lifetime , emphasizing the contrast between oldness and youth. Two hands from the right and the left reflect growth and decline as an inevitable part of a life cycle. On a closer look, the figure of...

  • This antique-finished silver medal refers to the tradition of gold panning in Lapland. The obverse motif depicts beautifully blue water and a prominent gold granule. The reverse shows a view from Lemmenjoki - a place river that witnessed a big gold rush in 1945.

  • The second coin in the Continents series raises the theme of volcanic landscapes. Volcanoes not only cause natural catastrophes, but shape the earth's surface with their eruptions. The continental volcano Kilimanjaro has over time formed a mountain that reaches a height of 5895 m.The mintage of this coin is 333 pieces.

  • The first coin in the Continents series presenting the summit of Mont Blanc, often known as the Roof of Europe at 4808m. It is mainly formed of crystalline rocks. It forms an extensive massif, cut by several glacial valleys. It is a young, continuously growing mountain massif.The mintage of this coin is 333 pieces.

  • Introducing the first coin from World of Cryptids series featuring the image of Baba Yaga, one of the well-known figures in Slavic mythology, who often appears in legends and myths.Buy your first coin and receive a collector's book as a gift!

  • Introducing the second coin in the World of Cryptids series featuring a creature from the shadows, a ghost of the night, resembling a hornless goat or even a stray cat.

  • The third coin in the World of Cryptids series showing the image of a dwerves known for his skills in handcrafting and engineering. This is very useful as his home is in the lush forests and hills.

  • The reverse shows the moment when D'Artagnan confronts the Musketeers for the first time. Behind the scene are other citizens watching the duel, along with the animals of Notre Dame in the distance. The obverse depicts the royal throne of France, with the crown of Louis XIII, a kneeling musketeer swearing in the royal palace, three pistols, three swords...

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