Andorra 2 euro 2022 - The Legend of Charlemagne - coincard


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The coin is dedicated to the legend of King Charlemagne, according to which King Charlemagne was the founder of Andorra in 805 and gave its inhabitants their own legal status. The motif depicts the image of Charlemagne against the background of the landscape with mountains and a river. The upper part of the coin shows the name of the issuing country 'ANDORRA' and on the right side the year of issue '2022'.

  • Country Andorra
    Year 2022
    VAT VAT PL 23% / VAT UE 0% / VAT EXP 0%
    Volume of issue 70000
    Diameter 25.75 mm
    Weight / quantity oz 8.5 g
    Condition BU
    Package Coincard
    Face value 2€
    Availability In stock

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