China 2023 - Panda Au999 8 g


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The obverse of this beautiful bullion coin shows the image of a panda that is being changed every year. Below the panda's image will we find information about the nominal value of the coin expressed in the Yuan (the currency in the Republic of Chinese People). The coin's reverse is decorated by the famous Tian Tan Temple, which is located in Beijing. Over the template is there a Chinese inscription "Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo", meaning the Republic of Chinese People. At the bottom of the coin is the year of coin's issue. The coin is minted of the purest gold finesse (999), which makes it possible to be a security of capital and because of its changing appearance can be also a perfect complement to the collection. This coin is the legal tender and has a government guarantee of weight and purity of the metal.

  • Fineness Au999
    Manufacturer China Mint
    Country China
    Year 2023
    VAT Exempt from VAT
    Diameter 22.00 mm
    Weight / quantity oz 1/4 oz
    Actual weight 8 g
    Face value 100 Yuan
    Availability In stock

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